Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Price of Service

In light of the shootings at Fort Hood today, it is time for America to realize the price its sons and daughters in the Armed Forces are paying for the constant deployment to combat zones. There are not enough people to go around, and plenty of young lives have been lost and new military families have seen their futures ruined. It is not just the regular forces, but the National Guard and Reserves get combat assignment after combat assignment.

Time to end it all or start the Draft again and make a commitment to finishing the struggle, or to finally say we don't want to go on with the war. The lies and deceit have gone on long enough. What would America say to constant war then, if it meant full mobilization and the drafting of its youth to serve in combat? Would they say yes to years of conflict or would they say end it now.

It seems to be a question with a great unknown answer.